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Company has perfect quality guarantee system,strong technical force,excellent equipment and advanced detection technology.
Has more than professional and technical personnel, is a well-trained, professional staff team.
SPECIALIZING IN THE PRODUCTION AND EXPORT OF HIGH QUALITY MANGESIUM SULPHATE ALL KIND,and successful to be one leader of China's magnesium industry.
the products are mainly used in metallurgy,chemical industry,feedstuff,environmental protection,fertilizer,building materials and other industries.
annual production of more than 60000 tons of production capacity at the forefront.
The company has a complete product development, experiment, testing and quality control system, which can independently develop and innovate according to the different needs of customers.
Closely tracking the latest technology development, accurately grasp the direction of research and development, and constantly improve the level of product development, so as to ensure the product and service in the industry's leading position.
Xinhe chemical industry has the qualification of environmental protection and environmental impact assessment, and has perfect quality assurance system.
exported to more than 30 countries and areas all over the world.
Welcome the customers at home and abroad to join and cooperation.

LAIZHOU XINHE chemeical CO.,LTD.was founded in 2005,is located in the beautiful coastal city-Laizhou,Shandong,underground reserves of magnesium ranked second.Relying on local mineral-rich,WE ARE SPECIALIZING IN THE PRODUCTION AND EXPORT OF...


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