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Water Magnesium Sulfate production method



    Magnesium sulfate monohydrate production principle is concentrated sulfuric acid with the light burning powder, magnesia powder) or the magnesite ore grinding in direct response to the fertilizer grade magnesium sulfate monohydrate. Following detailed overview:

    First sulfuric acid and containing magnesium oxide powder (dolomite, magnesite, serpentine) or its calcined powder is measured according to the proportion; in neutralization tank with water or wash water, liquor, under stirring slowly adding mineral powder, adding sulfuric acid neutralization reaction, slurry pH control, density in 137 ~1.384g/cm3; to hold on to the fluid and 80 degrees to react for a certain time, the leaf filter, the liquid into the mold; cooling to below 30 degrees, centrifugal separation in a centrifuge washing), wet material into the dehydration dryer, in 200 degrees above the dehydration of magnesium sulfate.