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Magnesium Sulfate last week rose more than 10% led chemical market


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        Ranking first in the list.

        According to the data of bulk product data business buying and selling club, unit price rose last week magnesium sulfate up 10.66%, from Monday's domestic per capita quotation 3550 yuan / ton rose to Friday 3928 yuan / ton, to end yesterday still 3900 yuan / tons of high Xiyi.

        At the same time, Haitong Securities -0.78% [8.91 shares it] last week focused on tracking chemical products, Magnesium Sulfate, as by virtue of a single week rose 10.64% in the first increase in.

        Anatomize officers issued, recent rallies in magnesium sulfate unit price, the reason mainly has three aspects. First, followed the Treasury reduced, a recovery in exports, magnesium sulfate and downstream enterprises getting goods have been actively.

        "Since July Magnesium Sulfate export volume is indeed a lot, the total number of 70 thousand tons in the foreseeable and even more. Now, the exporter peace talks at 550-570 dollars / ton."

        Sale agency sulfate magnesium anatomy teacher pupil Zhai said magnesium sulfate ester, chloroacetic acid and other downstream supply and demand of the stability of magnesium sulfate price constitute parry.

        Another Hebei, Magnesium Sulfate unilaterally installed after the fault recovery is slow, it has also led to the recent market supply available when.

        To Ji employment within collude with, in mid June, Hebei Jian Tao faithful chemical magnesium sulfate install parking picking up the repair, Shunda, Yanzhou coal mining, extend oil installation appear short fault, Wujing installation is also a continuation of low load operation, which resulted in domestic ice magnesium sulfate Market provide decreased. Since then, in June 10th, the British BP a installation announced that the situation can not be force majeure, it is expected to be before September 10th after the restart. In the face of Magnesium Sulfate provides parry, the viscosity of the second market tilt rally.

        In fact, after March this year, Magnesium Sulfate unit price was up, the reason is that the touch of March at the beginning of Serra nice 300 thousand tons / year in the installation of the situation can not force. At that time, Magnesium Sulfate unit price was up to 5000 yuan / ton." The students said zhai.

        Finally, the industry think, methanol recovery also has a high market for Magnesium Sulfate.

        In addition to Magnesium Sulfate, last week, ammonium chloride, coal tar and synthetic ammonia and other commodity price increases are not small. Haitong Securities data show that the above three kinds of commodities rose by 10%, respectively, 6.90% and 6.15%. Not only fell varieties, anhydride, melamine, MEG and Magnesium Sulfate and other commodity price of viscose filament decreases. Among them, the mortise of magnesium sulfate anhydride unit price of 3.51 percent, melamine, MEG and viscose filament commodity price single week respectively the mortise 3.03%, 2.67% and 2.65%.


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