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Magnesium Sulfate agency will break billion by the end of 2016



      Yields and agents to maintain steady and rapid growth. Among them, the per capita annual growth rate of Magnesium Sulfate per unit of production was 10%, the average annual growth rate of the agent was 12%. By the end of 2015, the country's per unit yield of Magnesium Sulfate reached 7 million 170 thousand tons, up to 103 billion 800 million yuan. The adhesive belt yields an average annual growth rate of 7.5%, the amount of the average annual growth rate of 10%. By the end of 2015, the tape yield will reach 19 billion 300 million square meters, the volume will reach 42 billion yuan. If the Magnesium Sulfate and tape yield and agent amount will be in the front of the world.

        Commodity structure optimization. Out of the part of the capacity of occlusion and high content of toxic and harmful objects of goods, such as the development of 107 adhesive (formaldehyde glue), threshold flux generic type magnesium sulfate, vigorously development of water-based, hot melt type a peaceful environment type magnesium sulfate, vigorously high-tech product development, strive to in late 2015 industry with high added value reached more than 30% ratio of output value of goods and financial growth pattern from the number of expansion type to quality benefit type reversal, commodity quality and retaining time greatly mobilize, in the market at home and abroad to win outstanding enhanced.

        New product development to obtain the actual results. More varieties of goods, especially some high skills and special type goods increased significantly, can basically meet the needs of the production level, demand cost, regulatory touch above (in the year the amount of in 1 billion yuan of above of company new product output value rate can reach more than 30%.

        Improve and perfect quality assurance system. Goods pick up measure and comment, quality guarantee and commercial scale system construction will consolidate and improve, quality supervision will further enhance mutual, commodity quality level to step a new level, the focus of the product adoption rate will reach 100%, commodity in toxic and harmful substances content decreased significantly, all at or below the national and industrial scale and to the international scale a Qi.

        Significant progress in energy conservation and environmental protection work. Dissolve preparation commodity rapid growth and the battle will be checked effectively, simply to achieve a low toxic and non-toxic solvent solution in commercial preparations full coverage, the amount of flux decreased more than 10%, dissolve preparation product production enterprise all the establishment of exhaust gas recycling and processing installation, reduction in energy and resource consumption, consolidate recovery of waste objects utilization, and strive in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" at the end of the unit product energy consumption by more than 10%, the raw material cost declined by more than 5%.

        The construction of effective access name. Build build 10 to 12 of good quality, high visibility, market win force strong, development battle strong commodity name at home and abroad in the same industry well-known name, acting as independent name income accounted for more than 60% of the amount of agent.

        To achieve these goals, the Magnesium Sulfate industry established the "12th Five-Year" development of the wind direction:

        First, deepen scientific and technological innovation investment, mobilize the ability of research and development of new products, R & D group with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech goods and energy saving and environmental protection goods and strive to at the end of 2015, regulatory touch more enterprises are set up scientific research or research and development center, R & D expenses of more than 3% of the total generation and the amount.

        Second, to mobilize production skill level and quality of merchandise pick up measure modus operandi, mobilize the product stability, reliability, safety and using efficiency, consolidate and perfect after sales service system.

        Third, to mobilize corporate compliance of touch and the level of industry concentration, and strive in the "12th Five Year Plan", the last physical amount is greater than 2 billion yuan of magnesium sulfate enterprises reached 150, the amount of agent more than 10 billion yuan in the adhesive belt enterprises reached 15, the degree of industrial accumulation reached more than 60%.

        Fourth, accelerate the promotion of commodity scale system (repair) order work, and strive in the end of 12th Five-Year, more than 80% of the goods will be developed and national scale. At the same time, we must vigorously mobilize the scale of adaptability and progress, and gradually with international standards.


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